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heatherlynn 01-01-2009 06:39 PM

Okay, you knew it was coming... ;)
So I'm new here (Hi all... again) :) and I have a question. I just recently purchased some rentals off of ebay for my daughter (because she's just starting out and growing... quickly... so I decided to go the economical route) and got a pair of 124cm K2 Four R Snow Skis with (adult) M 900 bindings that are mounted. My bad that I didn't ask before I bid and received, but now I need to figure out what to do with those bindings!

The skis are in decent shape but the bindings are obviously not going to work, so what would you all suggest? I paid less than $50 for them (waxed and tuned) including s/h so I'm not out much if I just get rid of them, but being a single ma I would rather not do that! So would I lose a lot of stability on them if I were to get a different binding and have them mounted? If not, where should I get some at a decent price for her size/weight? I just learned on another forum that most places won't mount bindings older than 7 years old so how can I tell how old they are if I go the ebay route again?! Help! :o

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