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lisaas 09-05-2014 01:20 AM

How to extract iPhone photos from iTunes backup?
Many people love taking photos with iPhone, and for kinds of reasons you would lost your love photos. But we can still recover them as long as you've made a backup in iTunes before, and I think it's easier to use an iPhone data recovery app to help.

This iPhone Backup Extractor works great, it's high quality and easy to use.
Know more: How to recover iPhone photos on computer

Remember don't connect your iPhone to computer, or the iTunes backup file will be updated.

How to extract iPhone photos from iTunes backup


stevenjobs 08-05-2015 03:11 AM

such a nice information thanks for sharing....

Kenter1 03-21-2016 04:12 AM

Now it's easy to recover lost photos from iPhone, the third-party software can offer the best function for you to do that, no technical knowledge required, no matter your iPhone is water damaged, crased, or broken and have not backuped the phone before.It just needs you to finish 3 steps to get photos back: connect your iPhone to the iPhone photos recovery software->scan your iPhone-> preview and selected the deleted photos to restore. It's that simple.

It also can support to scan your iTunes backup and recover some of deleted photos, it is different with iTunes, use iTunes to restore entire backup, all phone photos will be covered the phone photos, in other words, it will retrieve everything in that backup, so that is a good reason to back up daily. But the third-part tool can provide you the way to recover some of photos. But if you want to use iTunes recover iPhone photos, you can go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices, you will see the backup list, choose the recent backup that you are certain contains the photos that you need to restore.
how to recover deleted videos from iPhone
how to recover deleted imessages on iPhone

Hope it can help!

brant 07-17-2017 10:02 PM

Re: How to extract iPhone photos from iTunes backup?
Actually, iTunes can't selectively recover deleted iphone photos from iTunes backup. If you want to extract iPhone photos from backup, you are supposed to use some third party ios data recovery software like iOS Data Recovery to help you. Besides, iOS Data Recovery enables iPhone users to directly retrieve data without any backup file!

CalebWarren 07-20-2017 03:41 AM

If you want to recover lost data then it is only possible if have the backup on iTunes or iCloud.

If you have your backup on iTunes then install iTunes on your machine.
Then connect your device to that machine, give iTunes some time to recognize your phone.
Then click File > Devices > Back up (if you don't see a File menu, hold down the Control and B keys).
Your backup should be ready to use now.

For restoring backup.
Start your device and connect it to your machine where you had taken backup using iTunes earlier. While setting up new iPhone, select 'restore backup' instead of setting up a new device. It will take some time for iTunes to restore data and you are good to go.

For further information: How to extract iPhone photos from iTunes backup

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