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Blue Vixen 01-03-2008 11:46 AM

Salomon Bindings
I recently ordered a set of Salomon Profil Active bindings to replace the ones I broke last season, only when they arrived the company had sent Profil Equipe Skate bindings by mistake. I've examined them from top to bottom and the only difference I can find (besides the colour) is the rubber bung which has a flex (stiffness) rating of 115 instead of the 105 on my original Active bindings. I do a mixture of classic and skate which is why I went for the Active "combi" binding in the first place.

Firstly, how does the Salomon flex rating work, i.e. does a higher number represent a stiffer or softer binding?


Secondly, will it really make that much difference?

I don't want to have to send them back as I'm off to Germany next week and time is tight. I'm not in competition and just need to know if it will effect my technique much...?

PS. I'm a bit annoyed at Salomon's fancy flash powered website... all glitter and no substance. And what's worse, they no longer have an email option for questions or complaints about the website...!!!

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