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Trejolley 07-24-2012 04:21 AM

Cannot Recover RAR Password Successfully, What is Wrong?
You get software to recover rar password, but after several days it still does not find the password, or rar password recovery tools say they cannot find the password, what is wrong?

There are generally three reasons:

Reason 1: The password is too strong.

Though the password is strong, if you can spend enough time on rar password recovery, theoretically any password can be cracked. But in fact, most people cannot spend a week or more time on it.
So, to quickly retrieve rar password at that situation, RAR Password Unlocker employs leading CPU and GPU acceleration to help you run password recovery process faster and faster.

Reason 2: Mask settings are incorrect.

If you know some characteristics of the password, including length, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, prefix and suffix, please make correct settings in Brute-force with Mask attacks of RAR Password Unlocker; otherwise, you will never recover rar password.

Reason 3: The rar is encrypted in a special way.

There are two encryption ways not supported by most rar password recovery software.

Method 1 Set password in other languages

When setting rar password, contain Japanese in the password. While inputting the password, you may find that you cannot enter Japanese letters. Don't worry. Input password in a txt file and then copy it to the password box. Most password recovery tools cannot recover rar password in non-English letters. So take care of the password once you set it.

Method 2: Set different passwords for files in one rar archive

In general, RAR password recovery tools only work on one password protected file in a rar archive. If you compress many files together in one rar archive, and then give them different passwords as below steps, only one password can be recovered.

1. Prepare the important file (A.xlsx) you want to encrypt and an insignificant file (B.xlsx).
2. Compress and encrypt B.xlsx. Note: Do not encrypt file names.
3. Open the B.rar file, click Commands in file menu and choose Add files to archive.
4. Add A.xlsx, and go back to Archive name and parameters.
5. In Advanced tab, set a different password. Click OK, and close rar file.

Use WinRAR password recovery tools to recover its password, software will only find password for B.xlsx, thus only B.xlsx will be opened; to extract A.xlsx, you have to input the correct password by yourself. In this way, the data in A.xlsx can be securely protected. And that is the reason why you cannot recover rar password for A.xlsx.

In these three reasons, only the second one can be corrected on your own. When you cannot remove rar password, check what reason it is to saving your time.

youzune 07-05-2014 02:20 AM

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zhanghgfyide321 07-14-2014 05:28 AM

Crack windows 7 Password
A Windows Password Unlocker is the best too for you to crack windows 7 password.

1. Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk.
download and install the Windows Password unlocker to another accessible computer, run the software and then insert a blank CD, DVD or USB flash drive to the computer. Hit the burn button to create a windows 7 password reset disk.

2. Insert the password reset disk to the locked computer, boot the computer and then select the user accounts to reset the password.

3. Remove the password reset disk and reboot your computer. Now you have finished Windows 7 password reset process.

Well, I think this hassle may happen to everyone. Most of us do not know how to burn a password reset disk because that we do not kneo the thing exist, except the sellers tell us. But luckily, we can use some other tools to create the password reset disk when we forgot the password. What we need is a windows password unlocker, which is a professional tool to burn the reset disk. See more details here: how to reset windows 7 password

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